If you suffer from headaches or migraines, it’s important to seek help from a qualified headache specialist in order to diagnose the cause and treat the symptoms.

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1. See a Headache Specialist
It’s better to seek help rather than self diagnose.
Headaches can occur randomly and unexpectadly. If you are experiencing very painful or frequent headaches or feel like something just “isn’t right,” it’s better to seek the help of a qualified headache specialist rather than treat the headache yourself and possibly just mask the underlying issue.
2. Finding the Cause
The first step is to see what is causing your headaches.
Headaches can be triggered by many things and some that you may not be aware of. Our headache specialists conduct an in-depth evaluation of your diet, environment, daily activities, medical history, and more in order to determine what is causing your headaches and how to prevent or stop them.
3. Treating Your Specific Issue
We treat every case individually and every patient is different.
Every patient that comes to us is treated with the understanding that their headaches are unique. We do not assume we know what the issue is before a full examiation and series of tests are performed. Only then can we determine the root cause and how to treat your specific symptoms.
4. Assessment and Prevention
We devise a plan to help you prevent further headaches.
Once we determine the cause of your headaches, we can develop a plan to help prevent and even stop recurring headaches. This may include changes to your diet, medication, or other methods to help prevent headaches. In order to prevent future headaches, start by contacting us.

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